Are you an Owner Operator looking for a company that will treat you like more than just a number? Someone that can AND WILL appreciate all the hard work and effort it takes to own your own business, take care of the equipment, make those monthly payments, find a good driver or 2 (or maybe more) and then keep it all up and running in a way that will make you and your family a decent living??? Then maybe TL Bainey could be just the place you are looking for!


We are currently leasing on Subcontractors in both our

Gas Well Division and Dry Van Division


We PRIDE OURSELVES in the Family Atmosphere and Culture here at TL Bainey Inc. Of course it didn't happen by mistake, as we are very selective and ONLY HIRE ON those who share in our belief that success comes from a good heart, a solid work ethic, respect, and the willingness to work together to make things happen for the best of everyone involved!


We've been in business for 30+ Years as a family owned company... and you won't find a better partner to help you get where you want to be than our family and staff at TL Bainey Inc.


Ask around - and we are betting you will only hear good from those who have ever or are currently part of the TL Bainey Family!


If you want to find out more and sit down to discuss things with us (not us, but with Tim himself - the actual owner of the company)... then give us a call today and and consider making the decision that could change the whole direction of your life through a successful partnership with TL Bainey Inc.


We offer top rates and programs, great lanes and routes that we will tailor specifically for you and even your fleet - and a company staffed with some of the Greatest People you will ever meet!!!


Give us a call today at 814-342-7066 and lets talk!